Testimonials from our students

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Hear what our student Veronika Hagman from Novia University of Applied Sciences, Finland has to say about her experience in Hungary!

Why did you decide on Budapest, more importantly, METU?

“My school had a contract with METU from before and since the program was all in English, the city is a metropolis which is also nicely situated in Eastern Europe with good connections elsewhere I really wanted to go there. One of the reasons why I wanted to come to Budapest was also that I didn’t know that much about either Hungary or Budapest and wanted to explore it myself to get to know it.”

What were your expectations before coming to METU?

“On purpose, I didn’t set any high expectations for the exchange period, not to be disappointed since I did know so little about both the city and the country.
I however wrote down a list of “why do I want this”, which include e.g. live in a big city, learn from new teachers and students, widen my worldviews and challenge my thoughts, develop my language skills and now, afterwards, I totally feel like both METU and Budapest itself has gotten me to check all my wishes and “why’s” off the list!”

What was your experience in Budapest, Hungary?

“During my time here I was eager to explore as much as possible, but without ever rushing or forcing it. Long walks, the public transport and arranged group trips has taken me widely to experience both Budapest and Hungary itself.”

What did you like the most while studying at METU?

“The possibility and approach towards actually creating stuff, making models and final products was really fun, educational and helpful.”

What would your advice be to someone who is coming to study at METU as a foreign student?

“I don’t like giving advice since everyone are in different positions, comes from different backgrounds and acts different ways so everyone knows what’s best for them. However, listening, being open and putting in an effort to learn every day, learn in new ways and from new persons will make you grow as a person and professional.”

23 May 2022