Information about proving your language level

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Due to the high number of Erasmus+ applications and limited appointments at the Foreign Language Institute of METU for English language tests, it is exceptionally accepted to prove your English language knowledge with any of the following documents upon application at METU until 12th March:

– Certificate provided by the Foreign Language Institute of METU
– Official language exam certificate of student status showing that the language of your program is English
– An older IELTS or TOEFL certificate
– For Hungarian students: if you got the language exam with your high school exam

IMPORTANT: these documents will probably not be acceptable at the host institution upon application in April-May. For their separate application process you will need to have an up to date proof of language knowledge, that you can obtain from the METU Foreign Language Institute in a later stage. Please note, that METU is not aware of each partner institution’s application process, the partner will inform you about that step later, after your application has been accepted at METU.

6 Mar 2023